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I genuinely want others, organizations and brands to be applauded for their greatness, potential and authentic selves.

Content Strategy

When interviewing subjects, I naturally find common ground which always helps level the playing field between interviewer and interviewee.

Digital & General Marketing

Applying 12+ years of marketing experience, I am able to build a plan across a multitude of channels and content devices to disseminate the story.

Copywriting + Copy Editing

From profiles to collateral pieces to articles to case studies to press releases. You name it, I’ve written it!

Video Production

From ideation to conceptualization to production to delivery, I’ve managed the production of B rolls, sizzle reels, profile pieces, demos and hack videos.


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Social Media

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Demos (Digital + Traditional)

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Editorial Management

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Content Development + Asset Procurement

I have an affinity for creating assets that will support the stories we need to tell. This includes copy, imagery, demos, videos, presentations and social content.


I revel in the art of communicating the message in well by understanding the target audience (e.g., consumer, executive, C-suite) and relaying the info in a way that is consumable and easy to understand.

Design Support

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Public Relations

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Positioning + Messaging Framework

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Email Marketing

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About MeAbout Me

I'm a storyteller. Plain and simple.

At my core, I’m a storyteller. I consider all points of the story, whether it’s a personal tome or a brand message. Relevancy, resonance and consistency drive me to write and develop content that matter.

As a young journalist, I wrote daily memorial pieces, then went on to bring visibility to the area’s minority community, which had gone overlooked for years. Furthermore, I pushed to write articles about the forgotten or undiscovered. I believed journalism could offer a pathway to discovery as well as the daily news.

I went on to earn an MBA in Marketing and began applying my newfound skill sets in technology and CPG marketing. Through marketing, I’ve been able to apply my storytelling core to reach a myriad of audiences and across a multitude of communication devices to tell the stories of the brand and the product. My passion? Content strategy. Copy Writing. And creating any content that matters.


Objective during a time where the art of objectivity is a lost, I’m passionate about researching, understanding and telling all sides of a story. As needed, my storytelling has a way of infusing humor as a segue to serious points, which can often diffuse tension and open the eyes of an unknowing and/or reluctant audience.

Everyone has a story. For me, no story is too small. No purpose is invalid. People of all walks of life open up to me because I genuinely want to know about their stamp on the world. This talent – steeped in empathy and authentic support – allows me to be enlightened, providing a platform for me to enlighten the world.


For brands and products, I fully immerse myself into the individual experience as expected for intended audiences. Keeping the target and story top of mind, I seek to communicate the message, benefits and relevance. I don’t believe in “lip service”  simply because audiences are too sophisticated and are well aware of what does and does not deserve their attention.

It is vital that I study the audience to truly understand their pain points. Of course, this leads to my own study of the product/brand and eventual formulation of a content strategy.


Toy was my marketing client on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Toy was one of my favorite people to work with because she is an expert at maintaining a positive experience for the customer. She continued to ask questions and push for the clearest and most relevant messaging for the customer, while keeping things simple. Toy has a natural ability to see the bigger picture and keep the rest of the team on track. Other qualities include great sense of humor, high integrity and positive attitude.

Jacci Johnson, Group Account Director at Wunderman Seattle, Windows, Xbox & Surface

Toy is definitely the go-to person if you are thinking about truly enhancing customer experience. She is extremely passionate about customers and partners. Toy helped us launch a Relationship Marketing program focused on CRM online customers. She constantly strived to drive balance between corporate messaging and customer perceptions. One of Toy's biggest strengths is her copy writing skills - she has a flair for simplifying communication and ensuring the message resonates with the intended audience. I would highly recommend Toy for her work ethic, customer vision and commitment to excellence.

Anusha Rangaswamy, Product Marketing Manager – Microsoft Azure at Microsoft

Toy is a versatile storyteller. Not only does she make it really easy for the audience to understand the subject matter, but she also has a knack for establishing an emotional connection through her communication so that the audience cannot help but care about it. When assigned a topic with which she is unfamiliar, she researches it tenaciously on a short timeframe. I'm not one to play politics so I especially appreciate that she is a straight shooter. Working with Toy was a privilege.

Chin One Chan, Project Manager

Toy is an amazingly creative writer. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Toy on various projects and her copy writing skills and creative abilities are impressive. In addition to being a talented writer, Toy shows up with the world’s best attitude and is eager to engage and keep the work moving. In reflecting on all of my conversations with Toy, there wasn’t a single moment where I wasn’t inspired by our conversations. I would recommend Toy for any copy writing position.

Brian Conner, Marketing Manager at Concur

Toy is a talented marketer who has the ability to understand her target audience and then craft compelling stories that resonate. Her positive energy, creativity and curiosity is inspiring. She is a great asset to any writing project, bringing a thoughtful storytelling approach that wows clients.

Erin Shea, Marketing Consultant at BuzzBee Company

Toy has a penchant for getting to the heart of any story to communicate its relevance and compel audiences to act. Working alongside Toy on an array of product and service marketing endeavors, I recognized her passion for investigating technology hands on, translating complicated concepts into a meaningful story that wowed our clients and colleagues alike. When it comes to technology marketing, if content is king, she might just be the queen of marketing it.

Nick Louie, Copy Writer & Content Strategist at BuzzBee Company

Toy is an amazing storyteller, writer and strategist! I had the pleasure of working with Toy of a number of challenging client engagements and she consistently delivered above-and-beyond client expectations. Toy possesses a unique ability to translate complex technical messaging into compelling stories that resonate with real people. And, she is fun to work with!

Russ Rogers, Director at Prime 8 Consulting

Toy approaches every business challenge from a knowledgeable and thoughtful point of view. Her marketing strategies are born from data, research, and analysis. You can trust that a solution recommended by Toy has been analyzed and validated from multiple points of view. From there, her strategies come to life in her ability to craft meaningful and relevant stories. From her marketing acumen to her deep camaraderie with her team and her dedication to delivering results for her clients ─ Toy is an all-around player.

Corey Pilkington, Senior Marketing Consultant at Prime 8 Consulting


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    COPY EDITING - AP, Chicago Manual & AMA Styles
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March - Present2014 - 2016

Continental Mills | Senior Digital Marketing Manager

In this role, I am responsible for our go-to-market digital marketing strategies across all of our key brands, including Krusteaz, Buck Wild, and Kretschmer Wheat Germ. In an industry that has been slow to move from the traditional in-store marketing initiatives to digital efforts, my charter has been to develop websites that are both effective, relevant and drivers of our overall brand awareness and product trial. Furthermore, I am charged with strengthening our presence across the web, which includes the strategy and execution of our Social Media, Public Relations and Digital Media programming. My vision is to continue to build our Digital Marketing Team, bringing most work in-house in order to re-allocate dollars in a more effective manner, while creating a platform for breakthrough, memorable content.

July - March2010 - 2014

Jumper Consulting | Marketing Consultant

At Jumper Consulting, I worked as a Marketing and Web Consultant to emerging small to mid-sized businesses. I evaluated the needs and goals of a company to build a solid foundation for start-ups or to reinvigorate a “stalled” business. Using this information, I  created a comprehensive marketing plan that incorporated editorial (i.e., copy writing, copy editing) and web presence (i.e., web design, social media). At Jumper Consulting, I also developed business plans, ideated logos (plus overall branding), created press kits, offered video production for site enhancement and optimized my clients’ web presence (e.g., company sites, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yelp, etc.).

December - October2012 - 2013

BuzzBee Company | Senior Marketing Manager

As my team’s (Team Microsoft One) Marketing Strategist, I developed, established and maintained marketing initiatives designed to meet the business goals of our clients. From the creation of marketing build of materials to collateral assets to website content, I enabled my clients to communicate a succinct, relevant message to their key stakeholders, field sales teams and – ultimately – the customers. In partnership with our design team, I was able to translate key proof points around product/service offerings, value propositions and key benefits through the Creative Team’s visual communications. As project lead, I was responsible for ensuring that the team met deadlines, articulating project scope/strategy, maintaining timeline and contingency planning, while setting budgets, managing approval channels and monitoring performance.

July - December2010

Microsoft (Amaxra) | Relationship Campaign Marketing Manager | Microsoft Dynamics

In this contract role, I addressed a gap of communication between Microsoft and its Dynamics CRM Existing Customer base. While we had done a great job of communicating with these customers within a trial capacity, I successfully launched an email-based relationship management (RM) program that addressed customers after they’ve purchased the product. My goal was to build a relationship with these customers by providing relevant, timely information that would help customers understand the full value of their investment. Furthermore, I broke away from the notion of corporate speak and spoke the language of customers by offering them information they wanted to hear and sought, not simply what we thought they wanted to hear.

I was also responsible for the rollout of a Targeted Account Management event series in which we offered one-to-few velocity events to build a stronger relationship with key accounts. This gave our sales reps an opportunity to expose their clients to the ways in which Microsoft Dynamics CRM is equipped to match the needs of their specific industries.

May - July2010

Microsoft (Mactus Group) | Senior Copywriter | Employment Branding

In this project-based, contract role, I was commissioned to write three comprehensive white papers about the rollout of a global human resource strategy within Microsoft Corporation. I interviewed key HR and executive figures within the company that understood the value of the globalized, expansion strategy and could lend helpful insight to other execs within the company.

September - February2009 - 2010

Microsoft (Mactus Group) | International Online Project Marketing Manager | Employment Branding

I successfully drove the launch of twelve international Global Career Sites, with a 100% deadline success rate. I rationalized and evaluated each subsidiary’s existing site content to recommend relevant site structure and content strategy within the new global platform adoption. I went on to edit and rewrite the copy for 65% of the revamped websites to ensure content remained “on brand,” while presenting the new voice and tone of Employment Branding. Within an international capacity, I led daily calls with subsidiaries to effectively evangelize the approved platform and global employment brand to increase throughput of qualified candidates. It was key that I broker cross-functional and cross-team relationships between country stakeholders and the web operations team to efficiently drive localization of custom content.

July - July2008 - 2009

Microsoft | CIO Audience, Marketing Manager | Small and Mid-Market Solutions & Partners

I drove prioritized FY09 Depth campaigns of Mid-Market, CIO-based events through a comprehensive, overarching message. I went on to merge our efforts with the enterprise segment’s customer-facing website to strengthen relationship with CIOs through the use of digital media, demos and CFO conversation support materials. Within our organization, I served as the strategic subject-matter expert and gatekeeper of all issues surrounding the CIO audience within the Upper Mid-Market Segment, including targeting, segmentation, messaging, relationship building and execution.

July - July2007 - 2008

Microsoft | Field Engagement, Marketing Manager | Small and Mid-Market Solutions & Partners

I spearheaded the US rollout and on-boarding process of the Worldwide Annuity Dashboard tool and readiness materials within Field Marketing and Sales. I also directed Depth Segment, Field Marketing, Anti-Piracy, Security, CPE and Deployment teams in overall H2 FY08 and FY09 marketing planning and execution efforts. Lastly, I facilitated seamless interaction between Field Marketing and Depth Segment teams through weekly calls and the provision of relevant BOM materials to help drive field sales quota.

October - July2006 - 2007

Microsoft | Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Marketing Manager | Small and Mid-Market Solutions & Partners

In this role, I strengthened the quality of the Mid-Market Relationship Program reporting protocols by creating a monthly reporting process and revenue scorecard. I designed the business report scorecard to highlight weak field sales areas, which enabled the Leadership Team to monitor and adjust their sales activity execution. I also provided direction and leadership to Annuity Leads by reporting end-to-end business results to drive efficiencies and increase renewal revenue awareness.

June - June2005 - 2006

Microsoft (Corestaff) | Product Marketing Manager | Windows Client

In this contract role, I identified customer perception of the product (Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005) and online behavior to successfully relaunch the product website, managing a cross-functional team and internal partners. I strengthened overall consumer understanding of product by creating an interactive, take-home DVD demo that offered a walkthrough of the product’s features. Upon directing all messaging, product presence, giveaways and staffing at Digital Life 2005 and CES 2006, I created and presented event post mortems, identifying attendance, contest participation, and survey results. At CES, I went on to own and manage Microsoft’s primary presence within the NextGen Home Experience, along with 13 booths. I drove branding, messaging and positioning guidelines across the organization through the development of an internal SharePoint site, Marketing and Communications Guidelines stylebook and repository for all supportive media.

August - April2004 - 2005

Intel Corporation | Marketing Programs and Event Manager

I restructured a partner-based survey process from an existing 19-page document into three role-based, yet concise, online versions, increasing respondent activity by 58% and strengthening the level of accuracy. Organizing and managing three global teams (i.e., APAC, EMEA and LATAM), I implemented co-marketing programming to offer external partners a more customized approach to joint marketing. I went on to spearhead co-marketing activity with key global companies to support trade show sponsorships, value-added events, collateral creation and website development. I also rebranded and launched a worldwide technical training event, with an overall success rate of 98% and 27% increased attendance from the original event.

September - May2003 - 2004

Clark Atlanta University | Graduate Assistant

Within the Office of Planning, Assessment and Research, I collected and researched structural data to shed light on the productivity and compliance of each department at the university. I presented findings to department leaders to allow them to detect and assess “red flags” within their respective academic and administrative infrastructures. By offering a qualitative and quantitative story for each department, this allowed administrators to implement measures to improve and augment each department’s value to the University.

June - September2003

Intel Corporation | MBA Marketing Communications Intern

As the catalyst that lead to a full-time offer upon graduation, my MBA internship allowed me to lead a global, cross-company team. As a group, we spearheaded the development and implementation of a viral marketing web initiative designed to create brand resonance and preference among IT professionals seeking open source resources. I developed a communications kit to support the media, potential founding members, analysts and others. Furthermore, I researched and identified IT-based trend analysis and supportive data to strengthen CIO’s (Doug Busch, Intel Corporation) presentation at Oracle AppsWorld Conference 2003 in London.

July - October2001 - 2002

Clark Atlanta University | Public Relations Specialist

In this position, I developed the content strategy of the School of Business’ alumni magazine. I wrote 85% of all copy, while managing and editing the remaining copy as submitted by students. I also supervised a team of 20 students in a donations call center operation, increasing alumni and corporate contributions by 12%. With our corporate sponsors, I went on to create an ad with Whirlpool Corporation for Black Enterprise magazine, managed the event planning for an annual show with Ford Motor Company and led a successful blood drive with the American Red Cross.

February - June2000 - 2001

Adair-Green Advertising (McCann-Erickson) | Copy Editor

At Adair-Greene Advertising, I copy edited and signed-off on content for an array of client types, including pharmaceutical (e.g., Abbott Laboratories, Novartis, Bausch & Lomb), communications (e.g., BellSouth), non-profit (e.g., Hands on Atlanta) and consumer goods (e.g., Coca-Cola) organizations. I ensured compliance with antitrust regulations (per client) and consistency for each ad campaign. I become proficient in Chicago Manual and AMA Manual of styles to effectively approve copy for billboards, prescribing information, direct mailers, radio and messaging scripts, calendars, brochures, calendars, web content and branding playbooks.

February - February 1999 - 2000

The News Daily | News Reporter

As a rookie journalist, I broadened the newspaper’s reach to younger readers by writing articles and covering topics that mirrored their interests, such as tattooing, illegal street racing and alternative career options. I owned the Business, Health and Education beats. I went on to strengthen local interest in a variety of causes, such as the area’s no-kill animal shelter (lead to an increase in adoptions) and a women’s violence safe haven.

June - February 1998 - 1999

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution | News Reporter

Along with managing the obituary section, I interviewed the loved ones of featured persons to write daily memorial articles. I also covered upcoming events within the area, by writing articles that gave readers a sneak peak at alternative weekend activities.

1997 - 1998

UPSCALE Magazine | Assistant Editor

During the second semester of my junior year in college, I was the editorial assistant intern, which involved clerical work and learning more about the publishing industry. Due to my tireless work and natural curiosity around magazines, I was asked to return the second semester of my senior year to serve as the Assistant Editor intern. In that role, I owned three editorial departments (Hair, Beauty and Books) and established the content strategy while mapping it to the magazine’s overall editorial calendar. I also managed a team of writers and photographers, providing article and imagery assignments, respectively. I would copy edit all submitted work.

August - May2002 - 2004

Clark Atlanta University | Marketing Concentration | M.B.A.

August - May1994 - 1998

Clark Atlanta University | English Major, Political Science Minor | B.A.

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